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Welcome to the Art Cake Experience!

My name is Cristina Arévalo

I am a Sugar Paste Modeling Artist, Instructor, and Coach that helps cake artists to manage their Social Media, organize their work hours, set goals, teach their crafts, and have a positive mindset toward their business.

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Stay Positive, work hard, make it happen

me, I said that!

The Art Cake Experience is:

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Time management

Social Media

Goal Setting


Mindset towards your cake business

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What Our Community Says

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I joined the group “Cake Friends Stay Creative” in the last year 2020. And I also find one of my dearest friends @Cristina Arevalo from this group. Both Cristina and her group are awesome. Everybody finds lots of tutorials and help from this group. I personally love this group so much because every admin, moderator, and even member is so helpful. I am honored to be a part of this wonderful group. Thank you


Tanjia Rashid- International Sugar Artist

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I would like to start these lines by thanking my friend Cristina, creator of the wonderful group of Cake Friends Stay Creative, who helped me overcome these difficult times because I was starting to work in the world of cake, but with the pandemic, it became All uncertain, but thanks to her and the group, I met many artists who continued to teach techniques, who helped me to continue growing professionally and in return, I could continue to show my work, which helped me to let people know about the things I do in the cake decorating world, for I am very grateful to belong to this fabulous group and I hope that it continues to grow more and help more people.

Carolina Lopez-Cake Artist

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Through the Art Cake Coach program on the private Facebook Group, Cristina has helped me manage my time more effectively and set goals in a way that I can achieve them. I am more productive now.

Nahuel Salas
Professional Chef and Baker, Cake Artist, and Instructor- Argentina

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I highly recommend cake friends to listen to this ( The Art Cake Coach Podcast). It was my first time listening to a podcast. This was beautifully put out nailing some very good points where collaborations are concerned

Sharon Siriwardena
Professional Cake Artist, and Instructor. Admin of The Cake Collective- USA

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Whether u are new to Cake Collaborations or not this is a very good podcast on “Cake Collaborations”. I highly recommend u guys take some time to listen to this ❤️It’s very well thought out and put forth by one of our dear Cake Collective admins and Cake Friends Stay Creative admin Cristina Arévalo. She has nailed some very good points to keep in mind couldn’t have said this better. Thanks, sweetie for your lovely recommendation of The Cake Collective. We are so proud to have u on board with us and proud to see everything you are doing for the cake community 😘❤️

The Cake Collective
Facebook Community for Cake Collaborations

Check out my work

Let me share with you some of my cakes and cake collaboration pieces. This is all edible art and you can learn from me at The Art Cake School, an online school dedicated to sugar paste modeling, gelatin art, and cake decorating

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