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Like you use the best ingredients to make a cake, let me help you find your best qualities ​and “bake” together a better experience for you and your cake business

Cristina Arévalo

About Me

Hey there! I'm Cristina Arévalo, a cake artist, a ​coach, an educator, and a cheerleader in the ​world of cake design.

My mission?

To ignite the spark of creativity in fellow cake ​artists and build a warm, encouraging, ​uplifting, and supportive cake community. ​Whether you're a newbie or a pro, I've got your ​back with tools and encouragement. Let's ​sprinkle some success on your cake art ​journey!

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"baking" the best experience for you

As a cake artist, your passion lies in crafting unique edible creations, and the last thing you want is to feel overwhelmed by time ​constraints, working tirelessly without seeing results, and feeling stressed about managing your business.

My goal is to assist you in effectively managing your time, establishing clear and attainable goals, handling ​your business's social media, and maintaining a positive mindset.

Uncover the strategies for efficient time management and goal-setting tailored for cake artists. Through The Art Cake Coach, I ​empower cake artists to streamline their time, set realistic goals, and enhance their creative enterprises. Join The Art Cake Coach ​on a journey towards productivity and success!

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Clara García Díaz, México

Cookies and Cake decorator

This coaching program is really working. I had too many ideas but not a clear purpose. I was working a lot but finishing nothing, now that my goals are set I have been able to organize myself, (without this program) I don´t think I would have accomplished so much in so little time. Recommended!

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Chef Nahuel Salas, Argentina

Chef, teacher, Cake Artist

Through the Art Cake Coach program on the private Facebook Group, Cristina has helped me manage my time more effectively and set goals in a way that I can achieve them. I am more productive now.

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Deanna Lucas, Canada

Pastry Chef

Our sessions are great! I can't believe the things you helped me learn about myself! ... I feel a little less overwhelmed now. I especially like how you broke things down into bite-sized pieces for me. It makes things seem more achievable.

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Cake Artist Productivity Coach

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