Light Gray Music Youtube Channel Art (1)The Art Cake Experience is…

An online school and mentoring service in the world of cake decoration.

Here I  share and honest intake of a cake design business from the perspective of a self-made cake-designer and also working mom. 

Portrait FotoI am Cristina the face behind The Art Cake Experience and The Art Cake School. I was born in Venezuela and currently live in Lisbon. Thirteen years ago, I started this as a Cake Designer and Gelatin Artist, however, my true passion is teaching.

Bringing my two passions together I started teaching gelatin decoration and 3D gelatin art in Portugal in 2013, as well as Cake Design and Sugar Paste Modeling.

So, I am here to teach you, help you in your cake decoratin jorney and if you live in Lisbon, Portugal I can serve you with great cakes and gelatins.

Check out my Blog, there you can find recipes,  step by step tutorials, and cake decoration techniques.

Also my gelatine art tips, baking tips, and helpful information from a new blogger on how to use social media to our advantage in the cake business world. With a  funny and honest voice from my first-hand experience of a 13-year business, here, you can find a series of articles as my gelatin tips for a better result or individual posts like recipes and funny stories. 

My Venezuelan origin and my new Portuguese nationality, as well as my background in art studies, gives me a mix of experiences and knowledge that helped me be where I am today, sharing it with you is my main purpose. So please, share your thoughts with me and let´s make this journey together.

Today I have my work display between a BLOG , a YouTube channel, and an online school.  I love to teach and to bring the Cake community around the world together as one through true friendship, helping others and learning from one another and for that, I am the administrator and creator of the Facebook group “ Cake Friends Stay creative Group” which is open to anyone in the cake world, business or industry, beginner or professional that would like to share, learn and belong to a great community of bakers from around the world.

You can follow me:

Web: www.theartcakeexperience.com

Online School: www.theartcakeschool.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theartcakeexperience/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cristina_theartcakeexperience/


Welcome to The Art Cake Experience!