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Sugar Paste Modeling-Cake Decoration-Gelatin Art- Tutorials-Online School- Coaching

Hi! I am Cristina Arévalo. I am a cake and gelatin artist, teacher, and coach who not only creates art using edible mediums but also helps my fellow cake artists and cake community to step up their social media game, stay positive, and creative in order to be the best they can be.

This is the home of my cakes, sugar paste modeling art, artistic gelatin, and my own coaching program tailored for my fellow cake artists.

Let me tell you a bit about myself…

I am Cristina the face behind The Art Cake Experience and The Art Cake School. I was born in Venezuela and currently live in Lisbon. Fourteen years ago, I started this path as a Cake Designer and Gelatin Artist, however, my true passion is teaching.

Bringing my two passions together I started teaching gelatin decoration and 3D gelatin art in Portugal in 2013, as well as Cake Design and Sugar Paste Modeling.

As all of our lives, mine also changed in 2020 when I turned a wish to keep company with my fellow cake artists during the lockdown into reality by creating the Facebook Group Cake Friends Stay Creative. Our big international community that now counts more than 6000 members is an open door for any cake artist, cake decorator, or cake enthusiast to join the world of cake design. With our group, you can be part of International Cake Collaborations, be a teacher for our live demos, participate in our weekly challenges, share your business and your social media links, and above all, learn from the bests. There you can meet the bests of the industry, get in touch with amazing fellow bakers from around the world, network, learn about international cake competitions, and much more. We are a big FUN family!

I have always believed in this: To teach is to learn, through helping you I help myself, through a community, we grow together and this is what I want for you!

Be part of my community. Let me help you according to your needs, let me place you in the hands of the experts you need for learning new skills, let me guide you to organize your work and life, and let me share with you what has worked for me.

I am also a coach for my fellow cake artists, let me help with your social media management, time management, mindset, and much more by joining our private group: The Art Cake Coach or you can always book an individual coaching session specially design for cake artists.

If you want to know more about my work, I invite you to follow my  BLOG, and my YouTube channel, and enroll for FREE in my online school.

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Welcome to The Art Cake Experience.

Let me help you!