International Cake Collaborations 2021

2021 is another great year for cake collaborations as many of us, cake artists, have become more active in Social media due to the 2020 Pandemic.

Here are I´ll be showing you throughout the year all the cake collaborations I have been part of.


2021 Cake Collaborations

Winter Fairy a Cake Star Ambassador Collaboration

Organized by: By Bora Sugar paste and I am a Cake Star Ambassador Program.

The I am a Cake Star Ambassador program which I am part of decided to invite its members to create a winter theme mini collaboration to share last January.

I made this cute little Winter Fairy and you can find the complete video tutorial in my YouTube Chanel, here are the videos divided into two parts.

Indian Couture: Ethnic wear collaboration

Organized by: RB Sudha ( India)

This cake collaboration showcases the beautiful Indian Couture dresses and outfits to inspire great cakes and edible art.

My piece is inspired by a beautiful and colorful Indian Dress

Japan, an International Cake Collaboration

Organize by: Raquel Garcia ( España)

This great cake collaboration, one of the big ones of this year was created inspired by the beautiful culture of Japan. There was a lot of inspiration for this cake collaboration.

I made two pieces, one modeling piece you can see above. It as a Lucky Cat or Maneki Neko, it is purple for prosperity and surrounded by Koi Fish to represent abundance and peace.

I also made a Koi Fish gelatin cake by using different gelatin decorating techniques.

I made a video tutorial that you can find here and on my YouTube channel.

For more information about this cake collaboration, I invite you to check out the post in my Blog.


Science Fiction Cake Collaboration

Organized by: Radoslava Kirilova

This amazing collaboration is inspired by the best British Fantasy authors and the cake artists had to choose a story and a character to work from.

My inspiration is Mr. Tumnus from the book Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis.


Fancy Frog Cake Collaboration

Organized by: Maria Magrat

Inspired by pottery work from around the globe, sugar artists chose an inspiration piece and let their imagination and creativity run wild with it.

My piece is inspired by Portuguese tile work from the region of Coimbra. My inspiration was a ceramic water fountain and I turned it into a colorful tier cake.


The Island, a Story of Pirates

Organized by: Sugar Mad Group and Daniela Cabrera Godinez

Sugar Mad group invited me once more to be part of one of their cake collaborations for 2021. The Island, a Story of Pirates. I decided to do something different from the old grumpy and ugly pirate or a sexy pirate woman or parrots and treasures. I went for the ultimate play game for kids, let´s play pirates!

Se I chose these three kids, playing with their stuffed animals, plastic swords, inside their bathtub as a boat and using a bedsheet as a sail.

The result was beyond cute, I am very happy with it and I have to thank the Sugar Mad group and Daniela Cabrera for the opportunity.


Caretos de Podençe

Portugal Wonders in Sugar

Organized by: Elisabete Caseiro

It is a great honor for me to be able to participate in this international cake collaboration that celebrates the wonderful culture of this country that I consider my second home.

The Caretos de Podence, originates from the village of Podence, and had recently been declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO

They are a very old festival, Podence’s Caretos represent devilish and mysterious images that go out into the street during the carnival festivities. They are noisy and cheating, frantic touching the rattles well crossed on their colored fringes of thick blankets. They fasten rattles and bells around their waists and, full of energy, they run through the village jumping and screaming. One of the main reasons for running around is finding girls to dance with and “rattle” them. So, they have fun, protected by anonymity. I really like the pagan traditions that are still strong within the culture of a country and my way of celebrating was to create this piece in sugar paste and modeling paste, full of color and texture. Thank you Elisabete for this opportunity

Cake International On Screen Competition- Hand Painted Category

Organized by: Cake International

Last April 2021 was held one of the most important competitions in the world of cake design was. The Cake International on Screen invited cake artists from all over the world to participate in their online competition.

My piece was part of the hand-painted category and won a merit badge and diploma.

I am so happy and thankful for this award.

Sweet Jubilee Collaboration

Organized by: Maria Magrat

My cute tribute to Queen Elisabeth for the celebration of her Jubilee.

I went for a cute queen with her Corgi Dog and of course dress in purple which is my favorite color.

It was so much fun to do this one!


Bangladesh Cake Collaboration
Magnificent Bangladesh – An International Cake Art Collaboration

Organized by: Tasnuta Alam

I don´t use to make this kind of cake for cake collaborations as I usually go for modeling pieces. But I have to say I had a blast making this cake inspired by the tapestry and jewelry from Bangladesh.

The result was a very colorful cake that was a blast to make.

Please check out this great cake collaboration:

MYTHS – The Collaboration

Organized by: Radoslava Kirilova and Vladimir Georgiev

This cake collaboration was created with the idea to celebrate myths and legends of the world.

It invited us to run our imagination and transform our favorite gods, myths, and monsters into sugar art pieces. The theme of this collaboration is the enormous amount of creatures and stories created through the history of the World.

Let me invite you to check out the amazing work of so many sugar artists here:

COLOMBIA dulce por descubrir

Organized by: Àngel Torres and Judy Torres Bernal

A tribute to Colombia by cake artists using edible mediums to celebrate this colorful country.

My piece was inspired by the Joropo dance, typical of both my country Venezuela and Colombia. This cake collaboration was very close to home as my mother was born in Venezuela but raised in Colombia and I still have close family there I used to spend many of my summers there too. Also, it is my brother’s country and we are neighbors and it is more of what we have in common than what separates us, that is why I decided to do this piece to celebrate what unites us.

Check out this cake collaboration:

Harry Potter Magical Cake Collaboration

Hoste by: Cristina Arévalo

This is my baby, I hosted this collaboration as I am a big fan of the Harry Potter books and wanted to invite my fellow cake artist to be part of the magic. After all, we are witches and wizards of sugar transforming ingredients into art.

Curating this cake collaboration took me about a year and it brings together 75 artists from 33 different countries united by magic and art.

Let me invite you to check out our cake collaboration and to take a look at the fantastic work of these amazing sugar artists


Tribal Culture around the world TCC Collaboration

Organized by: Aaisha Sumbul and The Cake Collective

Many of you might not know, but I lived in Alaska when I was 16 years old. I learned English as an exchange student and I spent a year studying in Anchorage, Alaska. At that time we had the opportunity to travel inside the state and I went to Barrow, the northern town in Alaska closest to the North Pole. There I had the opportunity to spend a weekend with an Eskimo family. Barrow or Utqiagvik, known to the locals has been home to the Iñupiat, an Indigenous Inuit ethnic group. There I saw some of their traditions and dances and had the opportunity to eat whales. People who live there have survived largely by hunting whales, seals, polar bears, walrus, waterfowl, caribou, and catching fish from the Arctic Ocean or nearby rivers and lakes. Archaeological sites in the area indicate the Inupiat lived in this area as far back as 500 AD.So this is why I chose this tribe.

Please check out the amazing work of more than 90 cake artists in this cake collaboration.

Italy International Cake Show

September 2022

This year I had the opportunity to participate in my first in-person cake competition. The Italy International Cake Show was held in Rome last September and it was the best opportunity to meet and greet my fellow cake artists that have been my online company for so long and to showcase my work participating in the Small exhibit category.

I was so thrilled to have won a silver award in my category and bring this diploma home.

My piece was dedicated to Autumn, my favorite season, and to my sugar paste dolls.

Another cake competition, only this time online. Here I had the chance to make a piece based on a Fairy tale story.

I created a piece inspired by the villain Ursula from the little mermaid.

I was so happy to have won silver in my category.

Cake Star Internationa Portugal Finalist

Marvel Cake Collaboration

United Through Sugar Cake Collaboration

Fashion DeVil Cake Collaboration