International Cake Collaborations 2020

This is one of the highlights of the international world of cake decoration. Artists from all over the world get together to present artistic pieces related to a specific topic and in that way amazing cake collaborations are curated all year long.

I´ve had the chance to participate in some amazing cake collaboration in 2020 and even organize my first one. Here is some of my work for cake collaborations, information about each one of them and the links to see all the amazing work of many international artists.

Steam Cakes- Steampunk Collaboration

Organized by: Carla Rodrigues ( Portugal)

This amazing cake collaboration celebrates the international Steampunk day by gathering amazing sugar work related to Steampunk.

My piece is called ” Steam Freak Circus” and you can find a video that talks about it on my YouTube channel, were I explain all the characters and the story behind this piece.


Harry Potter Cake Collaboration 2020 edition

Organized by : Cristina Arévalo ( Portugal)

I organized this mini cake collaboration together with my friends from our group Cake Friends Stay creative to celebrate Harry Potter´s birthday on July 30th. I am a big Potterhead!

My piece was inspire by the figure of death from the tale of The Three Brothers and the deadly Hallows.


In the realm of Mermaids

Organized by: Sugar Mad Group

This creative cake collaboration organized by our dear friends of Sugar Mad Group was created to celebrate the realm of mermaids and the cake artists did an amazing job. I invite you to check their amazing work.

My piece is called Amethyst Coraline and it is a bas-relief made out of sugar paste, rice paper sails and gelatin paper.


British Fantasy Collaboration

Organized by: Radoslava Kirilova

This amazing collaboration is inspired by the best British Fantasy authors and the cake artists had to choose a story and a character to work from.

My inspiration is Mr Tumnus form the books of Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis.


Art of Pottery

Organized by: Tasnuta Alam and The Cake Collective.

Inspired by pottery work from around the globe, sugar artists chose an inspiration piece and let their imagination and creativity run wild with it.

My piece is inspired by a Portuguese tile work from the region of Coimbra. My inspiration was a ceramic water fountain and I turned it into a colorful tier cake.


Catrina Parade

Organized by: Sugar Mad Group

To celebrate Day of the Dead and the Mexican tradition of the Catrina sugar artist from around the world gather to make their own Catrinas.

My Catrina is a bust inspired by many illustrations and decorated with purple clothe, my favorite color!. It was my first time working a bust made out of modeling chocolate.


Creepy World

Organized by: Brend Salcedo and The Cake Collective

This is no cute Halloween. In this beyond amazing cake collaboration artists from all over the world got together to create the creepiest and horrifying cake display. Spooky creatures and monsters all made of sweet and edible materials.

My Piece is Sam from the Trick ´r Treat movie.


The Pine Tree- A story of Christmas

Organized by: Sugar Mad Group

A cute celebration of one the oldest Christmas traditions, the Christmas Tree!

Don´t miss checking out the amazing work of many sugar artist celebrating Christmas.

My piece is inspired by this illustration of a little girl bringing her own small tree to the cozy house while inside a hug tree full of candy and toys was waiting for her. Enjoy!


Organized by: Timi Grant and The Cake Collecive

The idea was inspired by the Polyjuice potion from Harry Potter´s book. So, every sugar artist had to blend together two characters or two things from the Harry Potter universe.

My idea was to create a crest mixing Harry´s two possible houses Gryffindor and Slytherin. That is how ” Slythffindor” came to be.

Lord Of The Rings Cake Collaboration

Organized by: Gauri Kekre and The Cake Collective

A tribute to The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien.

My piece was inspired by the sword of Anduril previously known as Narsil the sword of Isildur´s that was used to defeat Sauron. I represent the pieces of the broken blade and the scene of the movie when Aragorn holds Anduril for the first time.