New Gelatin Courses!

My sweet friends!

I´ve been ” cooking” new stuff for you for a while now, and even though I am really excited about it, I can´t stop to acknowledge that these are hard times and I wish I was doing this on a better occasion. However the way we face this changes and difficulties our world is living is up to us. So I decided that being creative is my way to fight fear and uncertainty. 

 Creativity will keep us sane in the middle of this madness. 

So, I want to share with you two new courses at The Art Cake School.

The Complete 3D gelatin flower course 


The Decorated Gelatin Course.

Gelatinas (3)

 These courses are now available and will be for a long time, so take your time to think about it. But, if you are looking for something to learn during this period, any of these two classes could be an option.

Meanwhile, check out our FB page @theartcakeexperience Schoo and my YouTube Channel,  I have free videos and tutorials for you there and a growing community of creative people supporting each other during these times.

Stay Creative!



How to make Gelatin Paper!

Hi my sweet friends, let me leave you here some of my latest videos on my YouTube channel on  How to make edible Gelatin Paper and How to make a gelatin Bow



Hope you like them!

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Christmas Elf Modeling Course

Hi, my friends,

So, the online school is growing and is welcoming new members which makes me so happy, and of course, I had to offer all these wonderful people who decided to join The Art Cake School something special for Christmas.

On for all of you, the complete course on “How to model a Christmas Elf cake topper with fondant” is open for enrollment!

Just follow any of the links on this page or the direct link below to access not only the school and all the freebies I have for you but this amazing course.

The course includes five modules, step-by-step detailed videos with every single trick to model this cute Elf. Also, some extra material to cover the board and give your cake topper some finishing touches, and the direct access to my facebook group and page for the Art Cake School.

So follow the link below to access the course and surprise all your friends and family with this cute cake topper for this Holiday.

Click here:

See you there



Halloween Cake Topper-Black Flower Eye Video

How to model a cake topper for your Halloween Cakes? here you have this simple but spooky option.

Check out my latest video for my YouTube channel, ” Black Flower Eye” and learn to model this topper using sugar paste!

Hope you like it!

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Novo Video!…How to model a hand using sugar paste. (PT/EN)

Aqui esta mais um vídeo no meu canal de YouTube, como modelar um mãozinha usando pasta de açúcar. Espero que gostem!

Hi everyone!

Here is a new video for my YouTube channel where I show you how to model a little hand using sugar paste. I made this video for the modeling of the little angle of my Godson´s Christening Cake.

How to model a hand using sugar paste.

Hope you like it!

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How to make a Lady Bug´s Mask Cake Topper.

I present to you a new free video tutorial on my YouTube channel.

I had the chance to make a LadyBug cake last month and the client wanted to have LadyBug´s mask so I decided to make it from scratch in order to fit the cake and it came out so good, that it became a video tutorial.

Here it is, specially made for you!

Hope you like it.

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Angel Wings Cake Pops

This year I had the opportunity to be appointed the Godmother of a very special boy. The son of our dear friends, our little David is officially our Godson. ( me and my husband´s)

And, surely, being the Godmother I had to make beautiful and delicious treats for the sweet table. The theme was ” Angles” so I did a cake, gelatin, cake pops, and cookies. Everything was delicious and beautiful. 


So, here I share with you some pics of the sweet table and the link to the video from my Youtube channel, where you can see all the process on how to make these little cake pops.

Watch the video here: How To Make Angel Wings Cake Pops

I hope you like it, and don´t forget:

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