Cake tip #5


#Coat chocolate chips, fruits, raisins or dry fruits in flour to prevent them from sinking to the bottom of the cake during baking. 

Cake Tip #4


The differences between cake textures:

For a very coarse texture cake, it could be over mixing the batter or the oven temperature too high.

For a soft even running-over cake type, the problem could be a very low oven temperature os a small pan for the amount of cake.

Gelatin tip #10


# Hydrated gelatin should be mixed with warm liquids otherwise it will solidify immediately and damage the result of the gelatin.

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Gelatin Tip #8

#Lately, I have reduced the de amount of sugar in my gelatin recipes and I can say that as lower the amount of sugar, better sets the gelatin. Also, I have had better results mixing the neutral gelatin and the sugar together before adding it to the liquid.