Important Measures

Making cakes and desserts can be in some cases a nightmare for some people who like to cook freely and without using any measures.

For me making cakes and gelatins is sort of like a ” Science” just using a different measure can alter the result of my dessert and make it all go worng.

When I teach my gelatin classes I really insist to my students to use measuring cups or weight the ingredients. So, here I leave you a little help and information on how to measure the ingredients for your cakes and sweets.


Medidas Importantes!1


Some Tips!

Use good measuring cups and spoons

DON`T ignore the instructions!

One cup of sifted flour is not the same as “sift one cup of flour”

Use spoons to fill the cups instead of filling the cup directly from a bigger container

After filling the cup, level the dry ingredient using a spoon or a knife. 

When measuring liquids , make sure your cup is set on a leveled surface. 

And don´t forget to set your scale to 0,00 before starting!

But most important…have fun!

I hope this info is somehow useful and helps you in your baking.

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Cake Tip #4


The differences between cake textures:

For a very coarse texture cake, it could be over mixing the batter or the oven temperature too high.

For a soft even running-over cake type, the problem could be a very low oven temperature os a small pan for the amount of cake.

Gelatin Tip #8

#Lately, I have reduced the de amount of sugar in my gelatin recipes and I can say that as lower the amount of sugar, better sets the gelatin. Also, I have had better results mixing the neutral gelatin and the sugar together before adding it to the liquid.