Santa Claus Pictorial ( EN)

Hi everyone, I wish to share with you this simple pictorial I made on ” How to model a Santa Claus figure”

This one is made out of polymer clay and not sugar paste or fondant, but the principle is the same and can be applied to both.

Hope you like it!


1.) Model the face of Santa using white, skin color, pink and black and a round cutter. Pai Natal (1)






2.)Usingtheredpolymerclay, model the body. Twist together some white and green for the bottom of the dress and sleeves.Pai Natal(2)






3.) Make some buttons and a scarf, and finally model the hat. Don´t forget the shoes!

Pai Natal (3)








It looks very cute!Pai Natal (4)


Happy Halloween!(EN)

Why do I like Halloween so much?.

In ancient pagan traditions, Halloween, ” All Hallows Eve” or as it is known in the Wiccan religion ” Samhain” is the day all the veils between worlds are lifted and the beyond, the other side is closer to us.

It is the day to celebrate those who are no longer between us, the ones that departed to the afterlife and we miss so much and to be in contact with higher spirits. This is the main reason why I love this celebration. Besides, there is the fact of the costumes that I absolutely love.

The spooky part was our human way to cope with the beyond or the unknow.

I will not get into religious arguments, but I have to confess to being fun of the goth, dark, and unknown, not the scary movies field with blood.

So, to celebrate this Halloween week, I wish to share with you some of my latest and previous work. Spooky, sweet and fun.

Have fun this Halloween, eat lots of sweets, and be whoever you want to be!

Have a  spooky and sweet week.





Halloween Cake Topper-Black Flower Eye Video

How to model a cake topper for your Halloween Cakes? here you have this simple but spooky option.

Check out my latest video for my YouTube channel, ” Black Flower Eye” and learn to model this topper using sugar paste!

Hope you like it!

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Chocolate Ganache (PT/EN)

Chocolate Ganache is a simple chocolate cream made out of heavy cream and chocolate, it can be used for filling and covering a cake. Depending on the ratio of the ingredients it can be good for piping aswell.

O Ganache de chocolate é uma simples crema elaborada com natas e chocolate , pode ser usado como recheio ou para cobrir um bolo. Tendo em conta a proporção dos ingredientes pode ficar mais liquido.

Here is my simple but always a good recipe for chocolate ganache. I use it mainly for covering a cake to achieve great sharp edges but also for mixing it with Swiss Meringue or American Buttercream to get a very tasty dark chocolate buttercream.

Esta é a minha simples receita para o Ganache de chocolate, eu uso o Ganache sobretudo para cobrir os bolos e obter um resultado muito liso e com arestas perfeitas, mas também gosto de o misturar com Buttercream de Merengue Suíço para um delicioso creme de manteiga de chocolate preto.

IMPORTANT: always use good quality chocolate, at least 55 %, and heavy cream, light whipping cream won´t have the same result

MUITO IMPORTANTE: usar sempre uma boa qualidade de chocolate preto, pelo menos 55% de cacau e nata com alto percentagem de gordura,  as natas light não vão ter o mesmo resultado.


200 ml of heavy cream

200 grms of chocolate cut into pieces


200 ml. de natas para culinária

200 gramas de chocolate cortado aos bocados20190919_112211


Cut the pieces os chocolate and place them on a glass bowl

Cortar os pedaços de chocolate dentro de um pyrex de vidro


Heat the cream without letting  it boil

Aquecer as natas ( sem deixar ferver)

Once the cream is hot, pour the heated cream into the chocolate

Deitar as natas quentes no recipiente com o chocolate em pedaços.

Cover the bowl and let it rest for 2-4 minutes before mixing it.

Cobrir o pyrex e deixar repousar por uns 2-4 minutos antes de misturar.

Stir together the cream and the chocolate, at the beginning it will look like the ingredients are not mixing well, but keep going until the final result is a glossy chocolate cream

Misturar os ingredientes, no principio vai parecer que não esta a ficar bem misturado, mas ao insistir vão obter um creme suave e brilhante de chocolate.

A good chocolate Ganache can be the base for a lot of recipes and a great looking cake, once you learn how to do it it will be a before and after of your baking skills.

Um bom Ganache de chocolate pode se a base de muitas receitas e a diferencia entre um bolo e um bolo fantástico, aprender a fazer o Ganache é um antes e um depois na cozinha.

Hope you like it and have found this post interesting, if so, please comment, share, like and subscribe!

Espero tenham gostado deste post e não se esqueçam de comentar, partilhar, gostar e subscrever!

Love/ Beijinhos



Novo Video!…How to model a hand using sugar paste. (PT/EN)

Aqui esta mais um vídeo no meu canal de YouTube, como modelar um mãozinha usando pasta de açúcar. Espero que gostem!

Hi everyone!

Here is a new video for my YouTube channel where I show you how to model a little hand using sugar paste. I made this video for the modeling of the little angle of my Godson´s Christening Cake.

How to model a hand using sugar paste.

Hope you like it!

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How to make a Lady Bug´s Mask Cake Topper. (PT/EN)

Aqui esta um novo vídeo tutorial no canal do You Tube: Como fazer a máscara da LadyBug, passo a passo desde o inicio. 

I present to you a new free video tutorial on my YouTube channel.

I had the chance to make a LadyBug cake last month and the client wanted to have LadyBug´s mask so I decided to make it from scratch in order to fit the cake and it came out so good, that it became a video tutorial.

Here it is, specially made for you!


Hope you like it.

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So, What is it that you do? (EN)



Don´t know how many times people have asked me this.

Immediately after you meet them or even if they have known you for a while. Even family that asks you with that face of not having a  clue and say:  What is it that you really do?

Has this happened to you?

And, of course, you want to network and spread the word about your job, but for me especially it is a dreaded question.

I can´t say: ” I am a lawyer” or ” I am a doctor“, or “ I am an accountant”, you know, jobs that everyone knows what they are and will be happy with a simple answer to their question, but nop….because I am so many things at the same time.

Wait, I don´t want to sound like an almighty feminist ” women power” advocate, or as an ” I can do everything at the same time ” type of person, NO!

Yes, I am a cake designer ( I have said before I don´t like to use this title), a gelatine artist, I model figures and cake toppers with sugar paste, I am a teacher…

It is really because I DO SO MUCH AT THE SAME TIME and all my jobs are equally important to me.

Do you do a lot as well? Can you relate to this?


Facebook asked me the other day to present my team of all the people who make this online school possible, you know, to promote my new page with posts for my audience.

I just laughed!

Because it is just me! I AM ALL MY TEAM!

Funny, maybe I am a little OCD, or maybe very independent, or maybe it is because is MY DREAM, MY BABY and as a proud Mom, I like to be part of all the process. I can be very stubborn, and control freak but I have to confess that I enjoy it.

I only wish that a day had more hours, that is all!

So, here is the thing, my Online School might not be the most technologically advanced online school, but everything is made by ME!
From the curriculum and planning of the courses, making the cakes, gelatines, and cupcakes, to recording and editing videos, adding sound and music to videos, to uploading everything into the platform, follow up with my students and working on a social media marketing strategy, everything is ME!

So here I am, the “TEAM” behind everything in ” The Art Cake Experience School”. Making sure everything is done with LOVE, and for YOU!

So I can only ask you to join me, yes ME!, not just my online school, but share this path with me.

I by any chance you would like to know more about me…


 in any of my online courses and for sure you´ll become more than a student for me,

you ´ll become my friend.

Have a great day and an excellent week!

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Angel Wings Cake Pops (PT/EN)

Este ano tive a honra de ser nomeada madrinha do um pequenino muito especial. O filho dos nossos queridos amigos, o pequenino David, é oficialmente o nosso afilhado. (Digo nosso porque eu e o meu marido somos os padrinhos)

This year I had the oportunity to be appointed the Godmother of a very special boy. The son of our dear friends, our little David is officially our Godson. ( me and my husband´s)
E claro, com uma madrinha que faz bolos, só podia fazer coisas lindas para ele.
O tema da festa foi ” Anjos” e para tal, fiz um bolo, gelatina, cake pops e bolachas.
Ficou tudo tão bonito, e saboroso, que não ficou quase nada!

And, surely, being the Godmother I had to make beautiful and delicious treats for the sweet table. The theme was ” Angles” so I did a cake, gelatine, cake pops, and cookies. Everything was delicious and beautiful. 

Portanto decidi partilhar convosco algumas fotos da mesa de doces e deixo aqui o link do vídeo (em Inglês) onde explico tudo o processo de como fazer os cake pops com asinhas de anjinho.

So, here I share with you some pics of the sweet table and the link to the video from my Youtube channel, where you can see all the process on how to make these little cake pops.

Ver o video aqui/ Watch the video here: How To Make Angel Wings Cake Pops



Espero que gostem de todas estas lindas delícias e não esqueçam de:

I hope you like it, and don´t foget:

Gostar, comentar, partilhar e subscrever!

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Admiration and Envy. (EN)

20180506_131308Recently I was invited to be part of an international cake collaboration, for the Steam Cakes- Steampunk Collaboration and loved it!. Due to this opportunity, I had the chance to interact with Cake Designers from all around the globe and receiving their feedback was a blessing for me, working from home and in a very privet way makes you think of yourself as a little tiny dot in the cake design universe, and so many talented people that I admire took a chance to say something nice about my piece that it really warmed my heart.

Feeling blessed for all that, I realized that the feedback coming from international artists and local artists was a bit different if not absent.

Sorry if I am being to forward with this comment, but couldn´t help to come to this conclusion because it is actually a fact.

So it makes me wonder…

How do we see ourselves as cake designers? How do we see other cake designers?

The answer for me is easy…

I am my biggest competition!, I have to be better than yesterday, I have to improve my skills, I have to learn more and become the best I can be.

Others are sources of inspiration, are teachers on their own way even if they don´t know it, are role models, others have to be recognized for their talent because they are doing it for us, for our admiration and entertainment.

So, what is wrong with this equation?

When we mistake admiration for envy.

Envy comes from a place of ignorance, when you are not sure about yourself, in this thought is easy to knock down others than to make yourself meet their standards and even become better ( but for your own happiness) not to become better than…

Admiration comes from a peaceful place, where you can be humble enough to recognize other´s talents and strong enough to recognize that there is always room for improvement.

My point with this post is that it has to stop. If we want to grow in any activity or as cake designers, we have to grow together!

If we all lift each other up, there will be a lot of us on the top, therefore the cake design of any country and any place will be important.

Whoever is talented will always be talented and there will always be people that will stand up from the crowd, but TOGETHER we will make our country, area, group or school important.

From all my teaching years, all the time that I´ve been making cakes and meeting so many different people, the common denominator is to be better than…to have what others have…to be above the rest. Sorry, for me that is just wrong.

But…I have also found amazing people, humble in heart, extremely talented and super friendly that has thought me to be a better version of me, that have worked together with me, that have helped me when I needed it, that today are more than fellow cake designers, they are my friends!. And for them, talented enough, everyone on their own path and pace, I have to be better.

Please, let´s bring each other to the top, let´s be the best we can be, let´s just admire the good work and effort that everyone makes.

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Cake tip #5

# Quando adicionar pepitas de chocolate, frutas, uva passas ou frutos secos aos bolos, primeiro é importante cobrir-las com farinha para não afundar durante a cozedura do bolo.


#Coat chocolate chips, fruits, raisins or dry fruits in flour to prevent them from sinking to the bottom of the cake during baking.