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You´ve got a friend in me!

Remember the song from the Toy Story movies? well, what if we take that idea and invite a bunch of cake decorators from all over the world, decide to run a cake collaboration and use the friendship and creativity theme as inspiration? That is exactly what my dear friend Silvia Caeiro did for our group […]

Science Fiction Cake Collaboration

So far this year I had the pleasure and luck to be part of several cake collaborations and I have to say that each one of them have been a blast to be part of. However, a true geek is always happy to participate in a cake collaboration that speaks to us and The Science […]

Japan- An International Cake Collaboration.

My sweet friends and cake artists; you have no idea how crazy last weeks have been for so many members of the International Cake Community Seems like the Cake Collaboration Season is open and two weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to be part on three cake collaborations and a cake competition all in […]

Happy Birthday to us!

One year ago, our lives changed. The whole world stopped because of a pandemic and until today I don´t think we were aware at that time of how all of our lives will be affected by it. It has been a year of hard times, loss, depression, fear and uncertainty. However, in the middle of […]


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