You´ve got a friend in me!

Remember the song from the Toy Story movies? well, what if we take that idea and invite a bunch of cake decorators from all over the world, decide to run a cake collaboration and use the friendship and creativity theme as inspiration?

That is exactly what my dear friend Silvia Caeiro did for our group Cake friends Stay Creative.

As I said in the previous post, our dear cake community and our beloved group celebrated its first anniversary last week and one of the activities we had organized was this cake collaboration.

I know I asked Silvia to curate this collab for the group, but I was blown away by her amazing work and by all the edible pieces our cake decorators shared with us.

This cake collaboration really put a smile on my face. Each one of the cakes and cookies made by our amazing artists was a reflection of the friendship, talent and creativity we find in the group.

So, as asked Silvia, how was the experience of curating her first collab?

Silvia replied…


March 14, 2021 marked a year of the creation of the group Cake Friends Stay Creative by Cristina Arévalo. A group of enthusiasts and professionals of cake decorating. A space for exchange, sharing and learning but above all, a safe place where all ideas and skills in cake decorating are welcome.

To celebrate this anniversary, among many activities, a collaboration of cake decorators was carried out that reflected their idea about ​​Friendship.

I was in charge of the organization of that event and I honestly faced it with fear since it was the first time I had done it. Yes, I participated in several collaborations, but I had never been on the other side.

The degree of enthusiasm and reception was amazing from the members of our community, was great and gave me the opportunity to get closer to people that I had not had the pleasure of meeting before, in the whirlwind of activities and growing number of members that the group was (and still) having.

Each phase of the organization raised ideas that had to be refined until finding what could best be done, with the knowledge and tools at hand, such as banners, photos and presentation of the participants or the sample video of the work. The best part, was discovering how much more can be improved, always counting on the support and enthusiasm of our community.

The reception by the members of our group and that of other groups was so warm that it moved me, knowing that many professionals already had their experience, but especially, by those who just dared to participate for the first time.

For those people who probably, in these difficult times of quarantine and distancing, an unknown activity was opened to them, I want to welcome them again and encourage them to push their own limits and shyness again. Because a collaboration is that: not a competition with other people, but a continuous improvement of our own skills.

In the CFSC kitchen, a lot of ideas are cooked constantly, as well as in the head of our dear Cristina, who still don’t know how, but she is in everything and for everyone.

I hope that the next collaborations of our group will have more people willing to push their creative limits and outgrown them.

I can only invite you to check out the beautiful pieces made from our creative members and enjoy


Thank you all so much for your amazing pieces, your dedication and efforts

Thanks to my dear Silvia not only for helping me but for doing an amazing work!

And thanks to all the members of this amazing group for being there and be part of this great community.

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And remember… Stay Creative!



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