Science Fiction Cake Collaboration

So far this year I had the pleasure and luck to be part of several cake collaborations and I have to say that each one of them have been a blast to be part of.

However, a true geek is always happy to participate in a cake collaboration that speaks to us and The Science Fiction cake collaboration, organized by our dear friends from Sugar Mad Group is the perfect example.

Sugar Mad Group, with our friends Gerardo Zarco, Vladimir Georgiev and Radoslava Kirilova curated an excellent cake collaboration dedicated to the work of science fiction authors.

I asked my friend Gerardo about his idea behind this cake collaboration and here is what he said:

“The theme of this collaboration came from a conversation I had with my dear friend Vladimir Georgiev, in which we agreed that we liked science fiction. We began to talk about films related to Science Fiction and he transmitted to me his idea that there were many authors who were true pioneers of this topic and not very well known.

 So, he told me, what about doing a Science Fiction collaboration within the group but that it is also totally different from what we are used to seeing in cinematographic images? I agreed and this is how this cake collaboration come about, and about I topic that I love.

We decided to reveal the collaboration on April 1, my birthday.

So this is how this Science Fiction cake collaboration happened, with a known topic but at the same time different since there were many options but it was limited to a totally intellectual format in which it was necessary to choose authors not so well known by all and finally as a great birthday present, all of this idea came from the brilliant mind of a good friend “Vladimir Georgiev”

Hope everyone enjoyed it.”

And this is how this very original cake collaboration came to life.

I loved being part of this cake collaboration as I also love Science Fiction and have to thank Gerardo, Vladimir and Radoslava for inviting me to be part of it.

I participated with the portrait of POE, the Artificial Intelligence that runs the hotel on the book Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan I love the story and Poe is one of my favorite characters. It was a challenge for me as I am not used to make modeling chocolate bust cakes, but the idea behind all of these cake collaborations is to challenge ourselves and push our limits.

I can only invite you to check out the amazing work of many sugar artists that contributed with this collaboration by visiting the official Facebook Page:

Let me leave you with the great work of these amazing cake artists.

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 See you next cake collab,