Happy Birthday to us!

One year ago, our lives changed. The whole world stopped because of a pandemic and until today I don´t think we were aware at that time of how all of our lives will be affected by it.

It has been a year of hard times, loss, depression, fear and uncertainty. However, in the middle of all of that I found you!

Yes, all of you my cake family and friends that magically appeared when I needed you the most. Funny enough I think we all needed each other ,and the amazing world where we live in decided to bring us together by the magic of sweetness.

Our amazing cake community Cake Friends Stay CreatiVe is turning one. Happy Birthday to us!

However, do you know how this community came to be…let me tell you the story.

Our dear friend Marta Torres, and amazing cookie artists made a live on Facebook at the beginning of the first lockdown here in Portugal. She was alone and as all of us, uncertain and stressed about what was going on and her family was all away. I saw the video and it got to me, so an idea came to be; to create a small online group, me and some of my cake friends that by the time were about 37. This group was created to share some recipes and keep each other company during these hard times.

Little did I know that not only my friends needed company but apparently many cake artists around the world were looking for the same. And long story short, we grew to a group of over 5000 members from all over the world. I got to connected again with my Latin American cake community, found amazing friends that a year ago didn´t know who I was and today I can call them more than friends, they are my cake family.

Our group transcended from just keeping cake artists entertained and creative to a variety of activities, challenges, cake demos and collaborations for our cake community.

We found the support and the company of our “sisters’ groups” as I like to call them Sugar Mad, Global Cake Artist Unite, and Icing Inspirations Insiders – Sweet Community, as we share live demos, activities and most of our members.

During a whole year without stopping, our group has posted a new challenge every Monday where artists share their work and have fun with silly activities to bring us closer and get to know each other. We have Social Media Wednesday where we share our social media links to follow and support our peers on social media platforms. And finally have Business Fridays for cake artists to promote their classes, cakes and help promote their businesses specially in these hard times.

Even though this group is my precious one year old baby, I couldn’t make this possible without the help of my amazing group of administrators and moderators and some special friends I have found along the way, so today I want to say a special thanks to these amazing humans and artists , you are amazing!

To celebrate our 1st birthday, we have a full week of live demos that I invite you to watch and a very special cake collaboration organized by our amazing moderator Silvia Caeiro . This cake collaboration will be revealed on Sunday March 14th the day of our birthday!

Link here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/cakefriendsstaycreative

So, the only question is…What´s next?

For now, I just hope to be there as I have been, to have the strength to keep this community tight and growing and to count on you to do it.

Maybe there will be some news along the way, but for now and as always, just stay. Stay with me, stay safe and above all Stay Creative!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have no idea of what you all mean to me, how much you inspire me, how much you give me a reason to keep going , learn and be better every day and in some way you have saved me!


Love you lots!



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