Just Keep Smiling!

I must be absolutely honest; I don´t know where I would be today if it wasn´t for you guys.

My cake family and our group Cake Friends Stay Creative have been the fuel that makes me go on every day.

I´ve been quite busy and also a bit overwhelmed with lots of thing lately. And here I am trying to write a post for the blog, which I´ve been neglecting for a couple of weeks now, finding myself not sure of what to write.

Well, I can tell you one thing, I am back!

And I can tell you another, I will be brutally honest today.

Here is the thing: why it took me a while to come back?

I could have given you a recipe, a baking tip, we could have talked about social media or I even made a list of all my accomplishments that would have made me, and you, think that I am in top of the world. Yes, I could have done that, but I wasn´t feeling good.

I believe that part of the path is to be true to ourselves and to all of you.

My cake world, my cake friends and my cake community are my safe haven. It is the place where I go to when the world is crumbling and when things go crazy.

Making my modeling pieces is my sanctuary and is my place of peace and meditation.

But when that world is also crumbling in front of me, when I see so many of us struggling to keep working, to sell our baking goods, to make money out of our art and to try to teach their craft without success, it breaks me. And it broke me for a while.

My real job is not to make cakes anymore, I found that my real job is to help. To be there for you and give you a kind word, a piece of information, a smile.

 Trying to find positiveness and creativity in this time is hard. It has been a blessed year in many aspects, but also difficult and dark.  

So, I´ve been questioning many things, I have lost some of the magic of creativity and have turned into learning and regrouping, that is why I´ve been so quiet lately ( at least here in the blog)

I don´t have a magical solution to get out of this, my only way to deal with it is just keep going, do what has to be done, a lot of to do lists to complete, involve other to make great things and to keep strong.

Today more than ever we need to keep a tight community. It is very important to support each other and to really learn from each other and help us grow.

 I ´ve had the opportunity to meet people from around the world thanks to our online cake community and funny enough it amazes me to hear that the complaints, the issues and the problems are the same to everyone, no matter where they are from.

 Let´s change this together, let´s really understand that by helping my colleague I am helping myself and my cake community. By lifting others, I lift myself!

I am not always happy, I have my days, I have my doubts, my ups and downs, I second guess everything that I do, but well, I have come to terms with that, that is part of me and the only way to go is up and to keep smiling!

My dear and sweet friends let´s keep smiling to the world, we bake cakes because they make us happy and because people are happy eating them, so come on, let´s keep the spirit up and be there for one another.

This past year has brought us difficulties, sadness and depression not to mention fear. But believe me, no one and nothing can mess with what´s inside of us. So, let´s keep the spirit up and stay strong, say a nice word to everyone, be positive with one another, feel proud of your work and be a community. We need each other now more than ever.

So, friends, I can only say what I´ve saying since the beginning: Stay Safe and Stay Creative, and furthermore stay strong!

This blog is one of my babies and it needs me. So, from this month on I´ll be committed to write a post, a recipe a tutorial or even a tip on how to use social media for your cake business.

So yes, I am back!



2 thoughts on “Just Keep Smiling!

  1. Catolina

    Thank so much dear Cristina, reading your blog, it was very real and with mixed feelings and hard decisions along the way with all these events that happen to us and the page you created was an escape from all this.


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