New Year´s resolutions and old year´s blessings

Here we are, thes time of year when we all like to go back and check at what we did to make our resolutions for a new beginning on January 1st.

Well, that could have been great for a normal year, but we can all agree that 2020 was anything but normal and that one of the things we learn was to put things in a totally new perspective.

So, I don´t want to just talk about this next year as if it will solve all of my problems and having the blind hope that it will be better than this one since nothing can be worse than 2020. No, I want to really take things into a new perspective.

I had so many resolutions last year, the online school, this blog, my YouTube channel and my cake business alongside with my teaching job. Then 2020 came and everything stopped, but did it?

A blessing was about to come for me in the most unexpected way. Cake Friends Stay Creative group was born out of solidarity towards cake friends that were alone during the quarantine and it opened doors that I couldn´t imagine.

I not only met people from all over the world, amazing souls that now I can call my friends, but I had the chance for the world to get to know me and the best part was that I got to get to know myself along the way.

Through the eyes of my new cake friends, I saw my work being recognized, I have been invited to a great number of cake collaborations, have been very active in the international cake community which now has place me amongst people that I admire and couldn´t even dream to meet.  I have taught and touch people from all over the world, my work has been featured in magazines, cake competitions and more.

My biggest gift from 2020 is that thanks to now 4,500 members of our group and so many new friends and followers I found myself.

My biggest gift from 2020 is that thanks to now 4,500 members of our group and so many new friends and followers I found myself.

 I found a purpose that goes beyond cakes, I found that I can help others and that all of you have helped me.

I am not sorry to say, THANK YOU 2020!

So, new year´s resolutions…no way!

I am done with new year´s resolutions, I now believe in hard work, focus, achievement, help others, grow, and just keep looking ahead for the next opportunity to learn. I can only ask for strength and perseverance, I just want to keep growing and learning, for me , for you and because that is how you face an uncertain future and that is the only sure thing I learned this year.

So, keep strong my friends, stay safe and most of all Stay Creative!

Wishing you all a good, safe, and healthy 2021.



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