Steam Cake International Collaboration 2020 edition.

It´s being a crazy year so far, we all know that, but in the world of cake design and artistic cake decoration, one of the things we artists look forward to is the international cake collaborations.

Usually are organized by fellow cake artists, picking a theme and inviting cake designers from all over the world to create an artistic edible piece and participate.

Some people from our community have mixed feelings about collaborations. It is a demanding and expensive experience, that for some points of view don´t bring many benefits to the artists.

For me is absolutely the opposite. It is time-consuming and can be expensive, but very rewarding.

We meet people and fellow artists from around the globe, the sense of friendship makes us not only praise each other´s work but share it to audiences from every corner of the planet.

We are inspired to be better, we learn from other cake designers, our work is placed amongst great artists and it is the perfect excuse to push our limits and create very artistic pieces that our regular clients won´t even dream of ordering.

And, amongst many, and believe me when I say, many cake collaborations there is one in particular that holds a very special place in a lot of hearts.

The Steam Cakes International Collaboration


Well, first of all, it is run by great artists and human beings that happen to be Portuguese and represent the great talent of our country, Carla Rodrigues, amazing sugar artists, teacher and award-winning cake designer from Portugal and her dear husband João Pimentel, a great video maker and multimedia artists, both of them create the perfect match to make possible this amazing Steam Cakes International Collaboration, that already counts with many editions and happens to be the winner of the 2018 cake collaboration award at  Cake International.

After last year´s pause, it came back as strong as ever, counting with 129 artists from all over the world that created the most amazing pieces all around the topic of Steam Punk.

It is for everyone to enjoy, Steam Punk lovers and not only so.


I happen to be part of it for the second time and I have to say that I went far and beyond with my piece.

I not only created a sugar modeling piece, but I also created a story, a part of me went to this sugar dolls, and to prove it, let me share with you the video I made introducing the characters of my work.


I will write the whole story off this Steam ( Freak) Circus in another post just for you to enjoy it.

For now, I can only invite you to check out this amazing collaboration with great artists and amazing sugar work.

link: Steam Cakes- Steampunk Collaboration

Don´t forget to leave some love for them on their Facebook page and remember to like this post, comment, share, and subscribe to my blog.



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