So, what is a Decorated Gelatin?

Many people, including students who attend my courses, have the idea that decorated gelatins are gelatin-covered cakes, in some cases, it can be true, however, in this case, they are real gelatins made in different ways for different decorative finishes.

Decorated gelatins are original and artistic creations where different techniques are used to decorate the gelatin-based dessert.

Let me share with you some tips on the different types of decorated gelatins.

There are several types of decorated gelatins: hand-painted, two-dimensional, three-dimensional, 3D gelatin flowers, and decorated with printed wafer or rice paper.

Hand-painted gelatins are freehand painted where the decorator transfers the entire drawing and paints with edible ink.

Two-dimensional are those gelatins that combine painting and applications made out of the gelatin sheet to give a two-dimensional finish to the work.

Three-dimensional gelatins are those that are made in several layers where we can see the different decorations to “float” inside the gelatin creating a three-dimensional effect joined by transparent or translucent gelatins to allow you to see the different decorations and elements.

Gelatins decorated using prints on wafer or rice paper are an excellent option for transferring very complicated drawings or photographs. Also, a quick and easy way to decorate for beginners

These three types of work can be done with the recipes and techniques taught in my Level 1 Decorated Gelatin workshop.

Finally, we have the latest trend in gelatin decoration; the 3D gelatin flowers inside clear gelatin, this technique may need a lot of practice to achieve excellent results, however, no special tools are required. I teach this technique by using different instruments such as knives, syringes, spoons to be able to mold flower petals inside transparent gelatin.

These sweet and delicate treats will be the center of attention at your party or a beautiful edible decorative piece to complete your sweet table.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to use gelatin from my series of articles called Gelatin tips. Give it a try and if you want more information about how to learn to make all of these beautiful gelatins don´t forget to contact me!

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