So we are in quarantine…

My sweet and dear friends, I live in Portugal and now most of Europe is undergoing a quarantine period due to this COVID-19 disease.

I believe this is to be taken seriously and with all the care possible, not just to not get sick but to stop it from spreading and our health care system from collapsing.

For this reason, I join so many others during this quarantine period. I and my family will stay home for as long as it is needed.

But, me being me, I decided to face this the best way possible and want to invite you to do the same.

I created a group on Facebook for all bakers, cake decorators, sugar artists, and creative beings to stay creative. So, let´s change the message to staying home as a mandatory and awful thing, to let´s stay creative and productive even if we are at home. In this group, me and my cake friends would like to share ideas, recipes, tutorials and more in order to keep our minds occupied and bussy so this time will pass the best way possible.

Let´s take a deep breath and think that life is giving us the opportunity to slow down, be with our families and loved ones or just to be by ourselves and live a little appreciating life as fragile and beautiful as it is.

I can only wish you all to be safe, to stay healthy and at home for as long as possible, to stay creative and be positive.

Here is the link for the group in case you are interested: Cake Friends Stay Creative

Lot´s of love from me over here


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