New Gelatin Courses!

My sweet friends!

I´ve been ” cooking” new stuff for you for a while now, and even though I am really excited about it, I can´t stop to acknowledge that these are hard times and I wish I was doing this on a better occasion. However the way we face this changes and difficulties our world is living is up to us. So I decided that being creative is my way to fight fear and uncertainty. 

 Creativity will keep us sane in the middle of this madness. 

So, I want to share with you two new courses at The Art Cake School.

The Complete 3D gelatin flower course 


The Decorated Gelatin Course.

Gelatinas (3)

 These courses are now available and will be for a long time, so take your time to think about it. But, if you are looking for something to learn during this period, any of these two classes could be an option.

Meanwhile, check out our FB page @theartcakeexperience Schoo and my YouTube Channel,  I have free videos and tutorials for you there and a growing community of creative people supporting each other during these times.

Stay Creative!



Social Media, cake designers, and quarantine?

The world has stopped for almost two weeks or more in different parts of the planet due to a virus. The last thing we thought could stop us has done it. However, somehow this amazing humanity finds its way to stay together more than ever, and in the most creative ways.

My community, the cake artists, cake designers, gelatin artists, bakers and more, has really stood up for the task, and from my point of view, has really understood the importance of being supportive, of caring for each other and of truly share and make our community strong.

I never thought, me, sitting on my couch, writing from my home office, will be part of this movement. I actually never thought I could call ourselves a “community” but it happened and I can proudly say that I make something happened.

A little background…

A friend, a fellow artist had to endure this quarantine alone at home, no husband, no family and the thought of that made me create a group on social media to keep her company and to keep us sane in the middle of this madness.

This tiny idea, this Facebook group has grown to more than 100 members in less than a week and has become a source of entertainment, creativity, company, fellowship, friendship and for me even more, the proof we are really not alone in this and that there are amazing human beings capable of truly being there for each other.515435ed2f662ed04c19140c83c9bab5

I made new friends, have met people from all over the world, have shared more work; mine and from other artists, this week than in the last month altogether. My heart has been filled with love and support and I only want to keep the chain going strong.

But, my dear friends, be careful, social media is full of everything, the good and the bad, the positive and the negative. My advice is this choose your battles on social media, decide what do you want to see, when and how. Don+t go for everything or you´ll go nuts!

Most of the social media platforms work like this; the more you share the more you are seen and if you like, share and comment on positive and creative posts, that is what is going to show up on your feed, so do the math is very simple.

More shares ( yours or others) = more views  

The more positive and creative post you share or react to = more positive and creative posts on your feed


That being said, the best way to stay away from negativity is to help others and to be positive, simple!

My cake design community has taken a lot of lost in this period, bakers live from what they make every week and have bills to pay and cancelation after cancelation has brought them down. My work now is to fight this by staying creative and positive for as long as we have to stay home and safe. Our life´s work depends on creativity and if we stop, going down with the negativity, our work will not only be affected now but in the future as well.

My dear friends, life is giving us the amazing opportunity of truly help each other by the simple act of staying home, has given us the time to be with our family and be with ourselves and has done it in the era of the Internet, where we can use our good human skills for a good purpose.

As always,

Stay home

Stay safe

Stay Creative!





So we are in quarantine…

My sweet and dear friends, I live in Portugal and now most of Europe is undergoing a quarantine period due to this COVID-19 disease.

I believe this is to be taken seriously and with all the care possible, not just to not get sick but to stop it from spreading and our health care system from collapsing.

For this reason, I join so many others during this quarantine period. I and my family will stay home for as long as it is needed.

But, me being me, I decided to face this the best way possible and want to invite you to do the same.

I created a group on Facebook for all bakers, cake decorators, sugar artists, and creative beings to stay creative. So, let´s change the message to staying home as a mandatory and awful thing, to let´s stay creative and productive even if we are at home. In this group, me and my cake friends would like to share ideas, recipes, tutorials and more in order to keep our minds occupied and bussy so this time will pass the best way possible.

Let´s take a deep breath and think that life is giving us the opportunity to slow down, be with our families and loved ones or just to be by ourselves and live a little appreciating life as fragile and beautiful as it is.

I can only wish you all to be safe, to stay healthy and at home for as long as possible, to stay creative and be positive.

Here is the link for the group in case you are interested: Cake Friends Stay Creative

Lot´s of love from me over here


How to make Gelatin Paper!

Hi my sweet friends, let me leave you here some of my latest videos on my YouTube channel on  How to make edible Gelatin Paper and How to make a gelatin Bow



Hope you like them!

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