20 facts and their happy thoughts!

golden birthday party essentials2So, you though everything was going to be bad?

Clearly, you don´t know me, as once someone described me, I am a colorful person so I can not leave you all on a gloomy note.

The last post was a bit harsh, I was letting it all out, but here are the happy thoughts for every fact:

  • You will never leave the kitchen so, make it as comfortable for you and your work as you can!
  • You will gain weight so get help, go to the gym or stick to a diet, God knows I try every day.
  • Your family will miss you so make time for them, they are important to you and you to them!
  • Forget about weekends make your delivery schedule, some weekends you will have time, give yourself a day off
  • It is hard to really make money out of it get help from someone who knows and make a business plan.
  • You will be scared of clients and their reactions  don´t be, it is a cake, not surgery ( but don´t poison anyone, please)
  • You will have very stressful days, just like a CEO  do something to balance the stress.
  • Weather and mood don´t help with your work so be prepared for it.
  • People will complaint listen and find a solution, don´t give any more thought about it
  • You will buy a bunch of stuff you need, another bunch you won´t use and it will never be enough! ( it is an addiction) limit your budget!
  • You will master recipes and still one day it will go wrong do them again, always count for the inconveniences.
  • You will multitask!!!….a lot! deal with it, learn time management.
  • The supermarket will be your second home be happy about it, get to know the people there.
  • Your income will fluctuate ( like your weight) be prepared for it, and also get help to understand how to manage moments of less income.
  • Others will copy your work don´t even bother!
  • There will be haters… haters who?
  • It will be hard to price your work and you will eventually forget to price your time always price your time and price correctly, your entires business depends on it.
  • You will second-guess every decision keep doing it, that is what makes us better.
  • You will be tired all the time take time to rest, please!
  • You will never know enough keep learning it is fun!

Hope you like it, share it, comment and subscribe!





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