20 facts about being a cake designer…trues and lies!

golden birthday party essentialsHi!

yes, it is me!

Cristina Arévalo, the ” cake designer”

WAIT!…I´m no “cake designer”, but apparently, I am!.

I see myself more as a ” Cake Decorator”, ” Creative Cake Artist”, “Home Baker with a twist” …maybe?

Anyway, the term ” Cake Designer” is very much in fashion right now, so everyone started to use it the moment they did their first sugar paste covered cake ( or cupcake) and really I haven´t been ok with that for a while.

Now I feel better about it, even better with the fact of using it, but it took me 10 years to get there and still itches me sometimes.

So the reason of this article today is simple, I will mention 20 facts about being a cake designer that most of us can relate to. Not to scare those who are just beginning but believe me, it is not an easy road, just a very sweet one!

  1. You will feel like you never leave the kitchen.
  2. You will gain weight.
  3. Your family will miss you.
  4. Forget about weekends.
  5. It is hard to really make money out of it.
  6. You will be scared of clients and their reactions.
  7. You will have very stressful days, just like a CEO but without the income.
  8. Weather and mood won´t help with your work.
  9. People will complain.
  10. You will buy a bunch of stuff you need, another bunch you won´t use and it will never be enough! ( it is an addiction).
  11. You will master recipes and still one day it will go wrong.
  12. You will multitask!!!….a lot!
  13. The supermarket will be your second home.
  14. Your income will fluctuate ( like your weight).
  15. Others will copy your work.
  16. There will be haters.
  17. It will be hard to price your work and you will eventually forget to price your time.
  18. You will second-guess every decision.
  19. You will be tired all the time.
  20. You will never know enough.

Depressed already?… don´t be, ” always look at the bright side of  life … or cake”

( Monthy Python fan inside joke!)

There are happy thoughts for every one of the 20 struggles I gave you before and there are lots of accomplishments and rewards.

The big secret is the Why!

Why do you do it? Is it for the money? Is it for fame? or for the happy faces when they see or eat your cake?.

It has to be all of the above, let´s face it, no one likes to work for free or not get recognition for their work.

Have a clear objective of what you really want and determinate how much do you want to commit to it. This is also a big point, your level of commitment has to include, expenses, family, time and rewards. Balance all of those and for sure you will be happy baking and decorating cakes ( or doing pretty much anything else)

I have gained a lot in these 10 years, friends, knowledge, faithful clients, unique techniques, family support, great students, recognition and have managed to make enough money to keep going.


What do you believe? That it is an easy way to work from home, take care of your family and make some money…yes and no, it is only up to you and how you approach it!

Other´s will think that you are making tons of money (especially if they ask you how much you charge for the cakes) but don´t pay attention to them, focus on you and your business

You know now what will really happen, but don´t stop, and if I can give you a small advice:

Be creative and original!

Be yourself ( don´t be a copycat)

Be proud ( even of your mistakes)

Do what you know best, don´t do what others do!

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