A “killer” about page?….really?

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I already talked on the first post I did for my Blog about the struggles I had with the name and it´s purpose. Now, as time goes by and as I learn more about this ” having a blog” thing, I realized that an ” about page” is quite important.

This post was written 3 years ago, and can you belive I am still struggling with the same issues?

But what happens when  I am still not clear about that purpose?. Have to confess that this business of mine has been very organic ( to make it sound elegant) during all these years, 13 of them, meaning that I have gone with the flow, and never really had a business plan or a clear purpose.

You may ask, 13 years?… Blogging?.

NO!…13 years baking cakes. As I also said in previous posts, I´m no Blogger, I am a Cake Designer, Teacher, and Baker.

So, YES!, I have baked and decorated cakes as I have had clients to sale my cakes to.

I also became a teacher when people wanted to learn and now I am just trying to make it and a very busy business that is filled with competition, so that is why I am using all the available resources and social media is one of them.

Back to the ” about page”, What should it really be about?, What should it tell? How do I begin?

Well, I went and looked on the internet for help and came across great blogs and ideas on how to make it happen and  how to write a great and clear ” about page”

The following questions were a great help, here I share with you how it worked for me.

What value do I give to my readers? Who is my blog intended for? Who is your ideal reader? What tone do you want ( funny, serious, classy, professional, sweet)? Why would they read my blog? Personal facts that will make readers relate to me?

However, after all of this, things didn´t happend. My about page was still not clear, and that was because I was not clear myself. I didn´t really know what I wanted.

Do I know it now?, maybe.

Do I really know it now?, no, but I am slowly getting there.

This is the first description I came uo with 3 years ago:

“This is a place to share and honest intake of amateur cake design business from a self-made cake-designer and also working mom, fun and entertainment ideas for home amateur bakers, and gelatine artists.

Here you can find recipes, ideas, helpful information from a new blogger on how to use social media to our advantage, and simple tips for your cakes and gelatines.

A funny and honest voice from my first-hand experience of a 10 years business, where you can find a series of articles as my gelatine tips for a better result or individual posts like recipes and funny stories. 

My Venezuelan origin and my new Portuguese nationality, as well as my background on art studies, gives me a mix of experiences and knowledge that helped me be where I am today, sharing it with you is my main purpose. So please, share your thoughts with me and let´s make this journey together”

It still a work in progress, but thanks to a friend and to 3 years of growing it might keep changing.

I am currently working on it and I realized something that was missing before. By helping others find their purpose, niche and place in the cake world, I am closer to find mine. So the key is …I am here to help!

Stay tuned for a new about page coming up soon at The Art Cake Experience

This is still my homework, I am closer to  figure it out and also ( of course) share it with you and help you find your place as well.

So, I have homework to do.

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Extra tip:

I learned about CTA (Call to Action) is important to lead your readers to take action and interact with you, let them know that you are here to help.

So, my dear baker and cake decorator friend, can I help in your sweet journey?

if so, please join our private Facebook group for information, tips, recipes and more!

Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theartcakeschool/





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