Harry Potter´s Butterbeer

This year´s Halloween party was inspired by the Harry Potter films and books. I am a big fan of this saga so in order to have a unique Halloween Party and we were all Harry Potter fans this was the chosen theme.

Of course, all the decorations were inspired by details from the Harry Potter movies and books, have to say, Pinterest is an incredible option in order to get inspired! I made…….


We recently traveled to Universal in Orlando, FL where we bought some treats from the park, like  “all flavors beans” and “chocolate frogs”, but there was a special beverage we drank in the park, the Butterbeer, and here I was determined to make it!

I searched the web for many recipes and found the one that was simple and fast to make, the only thing is that here in Portugal ” Crema Soda” is not that common and it is the base of all the recipes. So I finally found the cream soda on a very big department store with supermarket area that has some international products, the rest was easy. I have to tell you, it didn´t look like the one we drank in the park but tasted just the same.

Here are the ingredients for approximately 6 peopleHPIngredientes

3 cans of cream soda

200ml of wiped cream

3 spoons of vanilla ice cream

salted caramel ( I´ll give you my own recipe that has to be made the day before!)

In a blender, mix the soda ( has to be really cold) with the ice cream and one spoon of the salted caramel. Then serve each glass topping with wiped cream and melted caramel. In the picture below I used caramel sprinkles!


We all enjoy these party and the butterbeer was the “Magical” event of the evening, try this recipe and impress all your Potterhead friends!



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