A new identity?


Cristina Arévalo. Bolos Decorados is now ” The Art Cake Experience”, why?, well, the idea was to have a more ” International” name, but the truth goes far beyond that.

In a moment of desperation after months of fewer clients and workshops, I started to see other names, ” Posh” names in English to have much more recognition and decided to do something about it. 

” The Cake Experience” was a name already proposed by my nice, a very talented one that I talk about in my first post. But searching online I saw that the name was already being used somewhere in the world and to make a long story short, I decided to add the word           ” Art” to it. Nice, but after editing my page, making new business cards and changing the name of my Youtube channel, I realized, now what?

The best part!

Every blog or website name should CLEARLY reflect the purpose of it….what?. So, here I was with a very good name, pretty international and quite interesting that reflects what?. Here started my nightmare.

What can I do when I need an idea and my creativity is not 100%?. I go to Pinterest! and after reading blogs and posts got to the conclusion that actually the name does reflect everything that I do.

” The Art”. I am an artist, I am original and unique. What represents this better than my gelatine flowers? so this is art.

” The Cake” is everything about cakes, and sweets, cookies, and parties, but a cake is a piece that unites it all, it is my work it is how everything started.

” The Experience”, is real to do it, learn tutorials, ideas, advice, and recipes. Are my classes. I have to confess it is the part that I like the most and that I really enjoy doing. I love to teach and you can be sure that I am always here to help.

Finally, the biggest lesson and the most important of all is that we are always learning, adapting and creating. At the end of the day that is what we do as Cake Designers, we are presented with a challenge, an idea and we make a cake out of it, sounds like a recipe but this is how my new name was born.

like it?

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